Can you help name a Syndrome for this?

13 Jan

Give me some Republican Ass Bitches!

We need a new “Syndrome” that can explain the way the Republican party shoots itself in the foot and falls for it every time. We just came off of

a historic midterm election and here we are, mere months away from the most important election of our lifetimes and instead of all hands on deck, the Republican establishment, the Left, and the media have the “real” conservatives walking the plank. First they destroyed Herman Cain, they ran Bachmann into the ground, and now Santorum will probably follow unless we rise up like we did in 2011 midterms and send a message, CONSERVATISM WORKS and WINS ELECTIONS! But no, we have not learned our lesson from Bush or McCain, and from Gerald Ford & Nixon for that matter, what the hell is wrong with this country and with the Republican party?
We have Newt Gingrich taking Obama’s and the Occupy Wall street platform to attack Romney. We have Romney as our frontrunner who implemented universal healthcare in MA and is kind of Mr. Nice guy wishy-washy. We need a shark who will tell it like it is and expose the litany of blunders, disasters, illegal activity, and unconstitutional socialist activities of the Obama Regime. This guy Obama should lose to a ham sandwich in any election with his record and yet he were are again, on the defensive and accepting the class warfare premise of the left and taking marching orders from the media, just to play nice.

Time to take off the gloves and the RNC can kiss my ass, don’t call me for money anymore because I am not giving…..I give to candidates I believe in, like Santorum. I will go to bat for Romney if he’s the man, but this is not the way it should be…..we need a Ronald Reagan, I guess I can dream.

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