The Anti Constitution President

15 Jan

I feel as if we are living in Bizzaro World, and here I am screaming from the rooftops to a deaf nation. In a 2001 radio interview Obama, a so called Constitutional scholar, stated the sacred document was a “document of negative liberties”. He has proven to us, who are paying attention or who are intellectually honest, that he and his regime of radical Leftists are hell bent on dismantling or “fundamentally transforming” the United States Constitution. The media covers it up or ignores it, the Democrat Party are willing accomplices, and the Republicans are either too overwhelmed or too spineless to take these trait0rous acts to court or file impeachment procedings. He has openly and defiantly used the Justice Dept, the military, and his union cronies to lie, intimidate, misuse, and cover up multiple scandals and file lawsuits against the citizens he swore to protect. He has gotten people killed, and has assassinated a US citizen with impunity, among his laundry list of offenses. Now he is spying on journalists and has somehow got 90% of the Repuplicans to go along with the National Defense Authorization Act NDAA while claiming to have “serious reservations” regarding the language HE INSERTED allowing citizens suspected of acts of terrorism to be detained indefinitely and without charges! Can you imagine a republican president trying to accomplish this??? Where are all the lefties? Where is the ACLU? Where’s Al Sharpton and all the usual suspects in the the media? Crickets, just crickets…’s unreal…..Bizarro World!
We have a dead federal agent with guns funneled to ruthless murderers in Mexico….where is the media? Where are the Democrats, the defenders of the weak and protectors of whistle blowers??? Not a peep!
Obama has wiped his butt with the Constitution and no one seems to care. As said by Mrs Obama, “we have to change our history, our traditions, we have to change our conversation……” WE SURE HAVE, and in only 3 years…..give this man 4 more years and the job will be complete…….Dreams From My Father, The Audacity of Hope, Rev Wright will be so proud. His boy has fufilled his dream, the dream of his Communist, Marxist father. Read the books, it’s all there for all to see……crickets, just crickets.

One Response to “The Anti Constitution President”

  1. Steve Leventhal January 15, 2012 at 11:05 pm #

    Well said

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