Another Sign of things to Come…….

17 Jan
USS Obama 2012….An Allegory to the world economy under Socialism

I find this tragedy ironic and symbolic of the failure of Europe and of Socialism. It’s an allegory for what is wrong when a society’s ineptitude and irresponsibility is allowed to fester and flourish with impunity. That ship is a symbol of the Euro zone economy and its social and economic decay and an ALLEGORY for what we are in for if Obama is elected for another four years and if we don not stop the most rapid decent into the Socialist Progressive Utopia that is the Concordia, floundering off the coast of Tuscany.

Maybe it’s another sign from God that an immoral, corrupted, and government dependant society will pay the price, look to Rome, look to Greece, look to Cuba, North Korea, just look around you. Prepare.

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