More Media Hypocrisy and Bias on Display……..

17 Jan

Yes, its primary season and the Republicans are eating their own, with a little help from the demoncraps, the dinosaur media, and the pajama pundits on the blogs. Where was all this vetting prior to the election of Carter on steroids? All this screaming for Romney to show his tax return and we “deserve” to know as citizens whom we may have as our Commander-in-Chief.

Let’s look at some of Obama’s secrets and skeletons, the important things we should know as citizens about Barack Hussein Obama:

  • How is it that he has two close relatives living illegally in the US, and committing crimes, such as DUI, identity theft, immigration violations, and welfare fraud to name a few without as much as a peep from the citizenry, state and federal officials, or from the media?
  • Why is it it took multiple law suits, public scrutiny, and Donald Trump to finally get the Obama people to release his “SO CALLED” birth certificate. This questionable document still holds suspicion.
  • Obama has released NO college transcripts from Havard, Occidental, or the University of Chicago, even though he was mysteriously given a prestigious instructor of law position at UofC.
  • How is it that Obama was the Editor of The Havard Law Review yet has published NOTHING, or has had any of his writings from those years released?
  • Obama’s medical records were never released to the media
  • Obama never released any documents relating to the funding of his education or how he was even allowed into the most difficult schools in the nation for admittance.
  • There was never any scrutiny of his less than savory or even legal senate win in Chicago.
  • No scrutiny was ever leveled on Obama’s relationship to Reverend Wright, in which the Obama’s sat for decades in the pews, yet claimed to never hear the “hate speech” or radical anti-American sermons Wright was notorious for.
  • How is it that no real scrutiny was given to Obama’s close relationship to the terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who were instrumental in his senate and presidential campaigns.
  • Where is the scrutiny relating to Mrs Obama’s mysterious 6 figure salary hack job as a “community liaison” at a Chicago hospital, where no such job existed prior to Obama’s senate win.
  • What ever happened to that land swindle in Chicago, swept under the rug of course.
  • Where is the scrutiny of the massive amount of untraceable campaign donations during his election run, many of which were found to be from overseas, in violation campaign laws.
  • Where are the answers to these and many other questions, Mr. President?

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