Obama Denies Keystone Pipeline to U.S.

18 Jan
“Er, Um, we, we, we, we can’t afford to displace the Snail Darter, we’ll just build more Solyndra wind farms!”
Cartoon from  TownHall.com & Lisa Benson 
The Obama administration proved today that they do not care about American jobs, energy independence, or national security. The Keystone Pipeline project was rejected in its current form and sent back to the Canadian drawing board to adhere to some fantastical and ridiculous claims by the EPA that there have not been enough studies…..BULLCRAP!
Obama is bowing to his cook environmental base until he hopefully gets reelected, then he’ll quietly accept it, thus being a hero to his thug Union base, who he has given a wink wink, nudge nudge already….ssssssh, after 2012 we’ll get it done. Problem with playing politics like that is Canada ain’t on board the Good Ship Obama and will simply run the pipeline to the Pacific Coast and load it on to ships bound for Communist China to help quench their voracious appetite for the World’s resources.
Way to go Obama, the Snail Darter will be so happy and so will your Prius driving wackos with Obama 2012 and Save The Planet bumper stickers! Maybe when the Chinese flagged tanker crashes into the rocky coast like the Concordia will we be able to say, “I told you so!”

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