Just Saying

18 Jan

Long term, I don’t see this ending peacefully.  The gap between conservatives and progressive  is as wide as Christians and muslims.   Good versus evil and there can be no compromise with evil.  I’m not sure how large a number the true believers are or how brave. We’ll see.

Our republic has been on a downward path for several generations and a dramatic course correction is going to be required in order to adhere to the constitution as written. And that will be painful at best. The sense of entitlement is huge. Not like the 30’s when “ being beholdin’ to the government was bad”.  Now too many don’t care if they are beholdin’ as long as they have their cell phone.

Progressives have been at this for over 100 years and have achieved most of their goals; they control public education and won’t allow alternatives; they control most of the minority population and an increasing number of whites. The dependency of so many on the benevolence of government  is truly frightening.  Power and dependency are like food (to some, more important) and when it is reduced or taken away altogether, there is going to be revolt.  

This is what I think the plan is for the country by the inner circle at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave  – destroy the middle class to incite open revolt in order to declare marshall law, suspend congress, deputize certain groups to enforce marshall law all in the name of social order and justice. 

I do pray that I am wrong.

Mr. Jefferson said “that the tree of liberty must be nourished from time to time with the blood of patriots as well as tyrants”.

As written from a friend and colleague who shall remain anonymous

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