NEWS FLASH: Obama Blames Republicans for his Denial of Pipeline

19 Jan

HUH? Yes, it is true! The Obama administration came out and blamed the republicans for forcing him to RUSH his decision of NO. This is unbelievable, and only in today’s America with the hapless Republicans, and a fawning media, could this possibly occur and probably be successful. Here we have a huge, no lose issue against Obama and yet I’ll bet the farm he gets away with it and the morons that inhabit modern-day America will find fault with the Conservative wing, as opposed to the Left, where the blame really lies. Just look how they have twisted the budget mess, most polls blame the Republicans……including here in Ohio, where a Quinnipiac Poll just excoriated our Governor and congress while holding Obama practically blameless.

I am getting to the point now where I really don’t give a damn anymore and will just protect myself, my family, and my property and to hell with everyone else and let these imbecile voters reap what they sow.

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