Nancy Pelosi Knows Something We Don’t?

25 Jan

Is this a threat Nancy?

Are you saying you are aware of inside dealing sin Washington that have been hidden from the population?  Shocking.  Insider knowledge?  Insider trading?  In Washington?  Unheard of!

Could anyone else simply feel her righteous indignity at the sham notion of political insider trading being outlawed during the SOTU last night?  Does anyone for a minute actually believe any of these people will self regulate?  Puh-lease.  Or maybe I should say Puh-Losi. 

If you have something to share Nancy, just say it.  Your holier than though, “I know something you don’t know” act is beyond tired. I would say it is beneath you. But we would have to go so far down to get beneath you that we would need SPF1Trillion to protect us from the burn.


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