Not a Peep from the Occupy Wall Street Crowd or the SEIU Thugs….

27 Jan

Treasury Department approves huge paydays for execs at firms who received TARP bailout money

Taxpayer funded TARP money have millions in bonuses going to execs at AIG, GM (Government Motors), Chrysler, Bank of America, and others….49 in all. AIG’s head honcho is getting over 10 million bucks!

Remember when Obama was standing at his Teleprompter (TOTUS) pontificating and blathering on and on with his class warfare rhetoric and it stirred up his thugs at SEIU and elsewhere until the bussed themselves to Long Island and Jersey to personally harass AIG execs at home while the Democrats cheered them on? Where are those same people now? Where is the outrage? hypocrisy has become one of our greatest enemies, and Obama and his cronies are the height of it.

I call out the Lamestream, dinosaur media to do their jobs and did into this mess……yeah right!

SEIU Thugs Terrorize AIG Executives and Their Families

One Response to “Not a Peep from the Occupy Wall Street Crowd or the SEIU Thugs….”

  1. Ray Fuller January 27, 2012 at 11:28 pm #

    This bs has been going on for 3 years now.Him making promises that have not been kept since that fateful day when he stood outside the White House and was sworn in.Number one gigantic mistake was letting Goldman Sachs and the other big investment companies basically blackmail the government and threaten to declare bankruptcy unless they were bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billion dollars after years before they approved home loans to people that they knew would come the time when they could not pay them back,which would basically bring the economy to the brink of disaster.So he bails them out but at the end of the year the CEO’s of these companies still took hundreds of millions
    in bonuses while the economy dived and inflation grew to where people had to sell their cars because they could not afford the gas prices that came close to $4.00 a gallon.I never thought I would see the day when the Cavalier that I had at the time would take nearly $40.00 to fill the tank if it was empty.The healthcare problem that he promised to fix will rape nearly 800 million from Social Security and if he allows Medicare to be privatized would hurt people like me,who are permanently disabled be put in a worse position then we are now,and I shudder to think what the seniors on it would be put through.As it is now unless you can afford a Medicare supplement and to know that if you are even admitted to a hospital costs you over a thousand dollars right off the bat,and either facing a lenthy stay or even a short one where you require surgery will probably put you in debt for the rest of your life.I had a Medicare supplement but had to drop it after 2009 when we found out that there would be no COLA for 2010,which of course we had to deal with the following year also,the first time since 1975.But I think that the people sent him a message that he is going to be a one term president after they lost control of the House and I made sure that I am registered to vote even though I decided to register as an independent which means no voting in primaries and thinking that I have made a mistake by not going Republican as now I sort of like what I have heard so far from Santorrum and being from Pennsylvania was upset when he lost his seat here because I believed that he at least listened to what the votors said because one time I wrote him about a problem and he not only responded but took action on the problem.One thing is sure we can not afford four more years of this man whos only good qualities do nothing to help fix the most drastic needs of the country,as being charismatic and down to earth do nothing at all to solve these dire problems that have to be fixed in this country.I f he does manage to be re-elected God help us all.

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