O’Biden’s Great Gaffe O’ Rama!

27 Jan

With clowns like this within the Obama administration, coupled with the mountain of evidence of corruption, Crony Capitalism, failed policies and investments, and blatant Obama lies this election should be a snap. But that’s only if we lived in reality, where the truth mattered and the Press was honest and did not choose sides at the country’s detriment. I urge everyone to learn the truth on your own and stop blindly following ideology. If most of the Obama voters were intellectually honest and had any integrity at all, they could not in good conscience vote for Barack Hussein Obama, or even continue to be a Democrat. Only the hard-core Liberals and progressives would remain in his camp and that my good friends is a minute fraction of the populace.

This goes for the Republican & Conservative side of the aisle as well. We have once again let the Party elites, the media, and the Democrats choose our contenders for 2012, while ignoring and purging the REAL CONSERVATIVES. I must stay the course and donate and support RICK SANTORUM FOR PRESIDENT until I have no choice but to hold my nose and vote for the other.

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