Cain Endorses Gingrich….My Own Jeckle & Hyde Struggle

29 Jan

Today Herman Cain, my original favorite until the media helped destroy his chances, endorsed Newt Gingrich, much to my surprise. Like you and many conservatives, I cheer when Gingrich takes it to Obama, the media, and the Left in general, while standing firm on his positions. This is the Dr. Jeckle side of my brain thinking here. I have admired him for years and always thought he’d make a competant and effective Commander in Chief.

POOF! Hyde here, after some digging and revelation….. let’s look at the Gingrich who not so long ago suggested an individual mandate healthcare system. Who said that FDR was the greatest president that ever lived, excluding our Founding Fathers. Gingrich called himself a “Realpolitik Wilsonian” and a “Progressive” Republican……McCain anyone? Gingrich is a supporter of the UN mentality, we need someone who will work to tame it or abolish it altogether. Gingrich recently stated that the Democrats made the greatest strides for civil rights for Blacks and other minorities in the 20th century, huh? That is BS and a guy as smart as he is knows it; he’s a historian as much as a politician. FDR interned American citizens after Perl Harbor, Wilson was practically KKK. The Democrat Party started the KKK and terrorized and murdered blacks,white abolitionists, and white civil right supporters until the 60’s.  Ican’t forget to mention his cozy PSA with Nancy Pelosi peddling the hoax that global warming, er uh, excuse me…..”climate change”.

I could go on, but it’s late and my ice cubes are melting……I am again, completely baffled by the events before us my friends, I only pray there is grand plan by Him to see us through this dark time.

So, which President Gingrich would be get……Jeckle or Hyde?

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