Rubio Jumps on the Bash Conservative Bandwagon….Now What?

29 Jan

Wow, even my last great hope for sanity, Rubio, is just like the rest…..suddenly, caring about the law of the land, sovereignty, and common  sense is “inflammatory rhetoric” and racist. I am sick and tired of this bull crap! When are we going to get serious about this? When the entire country descends into chaos and anarchy, or a dirty bomb explodes in downtown LA? Our taxes cannot continue to feed, clothe, educate, and heal the entire planet, while the rest of the world has stringent immigration laws. If I tried to break into Mexico, I’d be shot, beaten, or thrown in prison….maybe all three! Again, you can call it whatever you want but it does not change reality…..they are ILLEGAL ALIENS and they are lawbreakers and many have also committed identity theft & fraud! If you or I did this, we’d be prosecuted and most likely jailed. I don’t want special treatment, just treat me as good as an illegal alien!

Rubio was the shining light for me and hope for a VEEP spot 2012 or Prez in 2016….now, I really don’t have faith in anyone in politics. Just because you have particular roots, you don’t compromise principles, common sense, the law, or the United States Constitution…….PERIOD! FU Rubio and FU RNC!

Marco Rubio Claims some Conservatives “harsh and Intolerable” on Immigration

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