Obama’s Community Organizers Hard at Work!

31 Jan

"This is what democracy looks like"

 Democrats in positions of government across the nation and Obama clearly have supported this movement and even help get it started with the class warfare rhetoric. Remember all the “Fat Cats”, Wall St VS Main Street garbage, well this is the result. Obama’s Chicago style “community agitating” on display and this is just what they want, remember, never let a good crisis go to waste. 400 arrests were made in Oakland at this “rally”, I guess there are 400 bad apples to weed out, as the media and even the Mayor of Oakland defended their behavior by claiming the movement has been infiltrated by trouble makes, huh? 400 trouble makers, you’re kidding me right?. Where’s Nancy Pelosi condemning the violence and destruction of property. These same hypocrites, along with the media, continue to crucify the TEA PARTY claiming all these horrible events and actions that have NEVER materialized. Here we have these degenerates caught on tape, in photos, and in our faces and they get treated with kid gloves and allowed to get away with it. No public condemnation from the politicians or the media. What will it take for the public to become outraged and demand more from our elected officials and, God damn it, from the media?

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