Is This What “Democracy Looks Like?”

2 Feb

I wonder if old Ruth Super Liberal Ginsburg knows that there are 6 US citizens not allowed to leave Egypt. One is the son of Sec of Transportation Ray LaHood. Is this what democracy looks like? She is a “Clear and Present Danger” to the United States and its Constitution and hopefully she won’t be around long and hopefully we’ll have a Republican to appoint her replacement and not Obama. It is no guarantee of a solid Constitutionalist appointee, but is a hell of a lot better odds.  Everyone is focused on the economy as the main issue of 2012, I feel two potential appointments to the SJC is far more important to our survival as a nation of republican representation as intended, or if we will be ruled by potentially seven untouchable activists, legislating from the bench and not upholding their sworn duty to our Constitution.

 If she does not see what is really going on in the Middle East, she needs another line of work. Sharia Law, an Islamic Caliphate, and the destruction of Israel is what’s on the agenda for the “Arab Spring” and it is becoming more evident by the day. The radicals are already stoning, decapitating, shooting, and hanging violators of Sharia, such as gays, adulterers, etc.  Leaders of this so called “movement” have already called on a march to Israel to usher in its destruction, there is video and audio to prove it and have had meetings with Obama administration officials on other matters, but the administration ignores the warning signs. Ironically, with her heritage you’d think she’d be smarter and more in tune to the gathering storm of evil that is on the horizon. But, in true Liberal/Progressive mindlessness, she thinks this is the greatest day in history……SCARY!


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