Impeach and Remove Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

6 Feb

Update on my last email regarding Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her seditious rhetoric and impeachable statements recently made on Egyptian soil. Congress needs to start impeachment proceedings IMMEDIATELY to forcibly remove her from office. A sitting court justice, in a foreign and hostile land, debasing and disparaging our constitution and our country is simply unacceptable. Ginsburg’s sole purpose is to interpret and uphold this sacred document, not impose her personal views into it or enter into her decisions. She was asked to choose a constitutional form of government for the so-called “emerging Democracy” and she promptly recommended the Constitution of South Africa, not that of the United States. Take a look at the document she feels is superior here, which in her mind is superior to ours. Read the Preamble and it sounds like something out of a Rev Jeremiah Wright sermon, you know, “SOCIAL JUSTICE”, not EQUAL JUSTICE under the law. She then goes on to bash our heritage, our Founding Fathers, and that our Constitution is too old and dusty, unlike newer constitutions around the world, most of which have FAILED might I add. Our Constitution survives because of its brilliance, but if Obama and his Socialist minions have their way, the country we know, love, and respect will no longer exist.

 So if you think the election of 2012 is just all about who can fix our economy, think again. Obama has already chosen two radical liberals to the Supreme Court and may have two to three more if, God forbid, Obama gets another four years. Don’t forget, Obama already stated he feels the US Constitution is a “DOCUMENT OF NEGATIVE LIBERTIES” in which prevents government for doing things for you! Yes, that is the point and that is why it exists, to protect US from THEM, get it?

Obama Stomps on our Constitution.....

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