Founding Fathers and the Constitution are a Problem for Obama…..Time to Choose Sides!

7 Feb

Citizens and voters of America, the choice is loud & clear, time to choose sides!

 The sheer arrogance and massive ego of this tyrant is absolutely astounding! If this does not make you rock solid against keeping him in office for a second term, you are beyond hope and frankly, un-American! First we heard that other Constitutions are better a better choice for emerging democracies than ours from a Liberal Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, now this!

 Either you are for the United States as founded and for its principles stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, or you are for the “fundamental transformation” of our nation into some sort of Euro-zone, Statist / Socialist hybrid country and these sacred documents no longer are relevant and are outdated and repressive, as King Barack Hussein Obama has now declared. The election of 2012 is that choice you need to make, PERIOD! And the proof is in this clip.

 Frankly, if you choose the latter, we’ll simply have to part ways, as I will be busy finding a way to help save our country either from your ignorance or from your clear disregard to our country’s traditions and foundations. The country will surely soon devolve into anarchy and depression, when that time comes, me and my family will hopefully be well prepared to defend ourselves and survive.  We will remember who is responsible for leading our nation down this dark path, so do not knock on my door, it will not end well.

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