Please Help Rick Walker & Help SaveThe Nation!

10 Feb

I signed up to help enter names in a data base…can you help?? It takes two seconds to register…..

 I know there are a million things going on and we feel we are being attacked by all sides and on all fronts, well, we are! This affront to responsible government going on in Wisconsin has got to be stopped. First it was the destruction of historic property to the Wisconsin State House at Madison, and then the embarrassing and illegal fleeing of state congressional members so a constitutional vote could go through, and finally, an out of state funded and nationwide union recall attack on several Republicans, simply for trying to save the state from financial ruin; they did manage to recall one. Now they are going after a highly successful Governor, Scott Walker. If this is allowed to happen and he is recalled, and then the legislation is repealed that turned a huge deficit to a huge surplus in mere months, it will set the nation back decades in getting its fiscal health back, as they will repeat this disgusting and radical power grab in all states.

 Unbelievably, Wisconsin refuses to certify recall ballots and will only accept them unless they have help from the outside. Rampant fraud and huge amounts of outside money and union debauchery is hell bent on making an example of Walker, and anyone else that gets in the way of the BIG MONEY UNION MACHINES that funnel huge dollars into democrat coffers nationwide. This is merely overwhelming the legal voting system of Wisconsin and could be duplicated elsewhere…thus erasing LEGAL VOTERS’ ballots.




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