Can You Beat This?

21 Feb

As the post below indictates one of our key contributors (LibertyWillreign) had the chance to meet Rick Santorum over the weekend. Not only did he hand Rick a bumper sticker, he passed a bunch out, AND he got one signed. Very cool.


This got us thinking.  We want to see exactly where these stickers end up, and we challenge you to come up with something interesting for our collective amusement.

Can you do better than getting a signature from the leading Presidential candidate?  Prove it!

Send us a request.  We will send you a sticker. Put it wherever you want.  Take a picture and send it us to post.

Obligatory Disclaimer: is only responsible for printing and legally distributing stickers. Individuals take full responsibility for where they decide to place them. Freedom of Speech meets Freewill Baby!

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