3 Mar

Santorum In Columbus, Ohio February 17, 2012

For what it’s worth, if you are voting in the Republican primary, or a Democrat voting to create chaos in the election or sick of Obama’s horrible Socialist style rule, I highly recommend Rick Santorum in the upcoming Super Tuesday primary. Ohio is once again squarely in the mix to determine the next President of the United States; which I pray for all of our futures and freedoms that it won’t be Barack Hussein Obama!

 The media and the Obama team will successfully paint Romney as a Vulture Capitalist and the 99% er, and with the current misrepresentation and vilification of Wall Street and the financial and businesses in general, Romney will get demolished. That’s not even taking into consideration Romney’s vulnerability with his passing of Romney Care in Mass…..Obama will skewer him on that as well, painting him as a hypocrite.

Santorum has some flaws to be exploited and they’ll continue to paint him as a Theocrat and a religious nut & zealot, but I believe the populace, at least the ones with half a brain (there may be a few left) will see right through that smoke screen and expose it for the sham and fake controversy that it is. Obama was losing the women vote fast and this is the DNC Wasserman-Schultz scheme to gin up the chicks! FAIL!

Rick is a great father, family man, and has principals that I think most of us consider mainstream and common-sense. Please do research if you have not made up your mind and at least give Mr. Santorum some consideration. Ron Paul folks need to finally come to the realization that it AIN”T GONNA HAPPEN! He may get a VP spot as a miracle or his son Rand may actually have a better chance, but seriously, it just won’t happen

 At the end of the day, if a rotten McDonald’s Fish Filet festering in a dumpster in 100 degree heat for weeks was running against Obama, I’d vote for it…..couldn’t be any worse!

2 Responses to “MY PRIMARY PICK…….VOTE FOR RICK!!”

  1. Nick Samuelson March 3, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    Ron Paul isn’t out, sure he’s way behind, but not out. You know, if I wanted Obama in office for 4 more years, I’d vote for Santorum at our caucus on tuesday, because he can’t beat Obama. Romney could have a fighting chance since he is so moderate he could pick up some independents, but Santorum is so socially conservative, he alienates many of the non-conservative voters he would need to win the general election. In the general election, it’s Ron Paul or Barack Obama. One of those two will win the presidency, I can just about guarantee it. I’m voting for Ron Paul on tuesday, and that’s not to throw away my vote on an improbable candidate, but that’s because I believe in what he says. I believe in liberty, and a United States government based on our Constitution. I stand behind your right to say what you choose to in this blog post, though I don’t agree with it, but I will stand behind your right to say what you like.

    Thanks for your time, and happy voting!

    • libertywillreign March 4, 2012 at 3:54 am #

      I have no issues with Paul, I just don’t think he’ll be able to beat Obama. And like many people you are falling for the media made democrat narrative on Santorum’s supposed “social issues”. Look what they are doing, they have successfully created a ghost crisis and people are actually falling for it. Santorum won’t stand for it in the debates moving forward if he was the nominee. They will skewer Romney on his 1% status and the cleverly edited soundbites. Paul has too radical a view on some issues for the level of votes he needs. I personally like Ron Paul and if he was the nominee, I would be 100% in his corner.

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