Another Planted Activist Causes New Controversy to Help Obama…….

5 Mar

Sandra "Fluke You" Fluke.....Reproductive Rights Activist

Score a unfortunate win for the Radical Leftists over the weekend getting Rush Limbaugh to apologize to a charlatan and a democrat plant, inserted into the public discourse by Nancy Pelosi and friends using a sham “Contraception Circus” they called a hearing last week. We all know the satirical response Rush was just skewered for, losing many of his spineless advertisers fleeing from the extortionists who created this fake controversy which has amazingly changed the conversation for the 2012 election portraying the republicans as anti-women and anti-contraception.

Ironically, it’s Obama whose team recently contacted Barnard College to offer Obama’s commencement speakership this year. There’s one problem, A WOMAN, Jill Abramson, the first female executive editor of the New York Times in its  160-year history, was BOOTED off the ticket so Obama can come and pander to the women who he was losing in droves! This new and ridiculous media created “WOMEN’S ISSUES” is nothing more than a diversion because Obama has nothing else to run on.

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