File under “You Can’t Write This Stuff If You Tried”

6 Mar

Just watching O’Reilly and lo and behold, a Chevy Volt commercial comes on right after he is taking about their production shut down.  As I am already laughing at the irony, they air this woman talking about how much she loves her Volt and how she is saving a “Crapload” of money on gas.  A crapload? Hahahahahaha! That was exactly the same language I was thinking about with regards to Government Motors trying to jam a crapload of a car down out throats.  Here is the clip below. Check out the comments and tell me if you think there are a crapload of marketing people working on writing these crappy, canned, sterile, and obviously planted responses.  Not one mention of the battery fires or pieces of the car falling off, or dare I say the $40,000+ price tag for what is suppose to be the car for every man and woman on earth. So many people love this car they can’t even sell them, hence the production shutdown. These people think the American public is crapload of idiots. Hahahaha! I would say unbelievable but no amount of lunacy on the part of these people surprises me anymore.

One Response to “File under “You Can’t Write This Stuff If You Tried””

  1. libertywillreign March 6, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    Well said fellow patriot, I am about to post a companion piece, it will fit nicely with today’s theme!!

    PS I’m still for Santorum!

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