The Left and Obama Has Launched an All Out War on Religion……

7 Mar

The Left and Obama have waged all-out war on religion. There are two major incidents that the mainstream media has completely ignored. First on March 2nd, the radical and dangerous group ANONYMOUS hacked into several church websites and replaced its content with their own verbal attacks and vile dogma, denouncing ALL RELIGIONS AS A SICKNESS, and as racist, bigoted institutions that needs to be eradicated from their version of modern civilization. They also called for an armed insurrection if needed to help make it happen. This is a simultaneous call by Anonymous to bring down Capitalism and replace it with some Marxist / Socialist form of government by “the common people”.

Listen to Anonymous Statement here….






Obama’s staff called in a group of Catholic Bishops to “SMOOTH OUT THE WRINKLES” a few days ago and the basically told the Catholic Church that it’s the end of negotiations and fall in line with their HANPICKED CATHOLIC LEADERS WHO SEE THINGS THEIR WAY, the “Enlightened voices of accommodation” the staff called them. This is unacceptable and outrageous!

Read all the despicable details here……

Cardinal Dolan: Obama Admin Lectured Bishops to Listen to ‘Enlightened’ Voices in Private Mtg.

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