8 Mar

If this was not documented, I would not believe any sitting government official, especially one has highly ranked as the Secretary of Defense, would cite “international permission” above that of its own congressional representation, elected by American citizens, and his duty to the US Constitution itself. These statements are unprecedented and every American should call their congress and demand Panetta be removed from office and to start impeachment proceedings against President Obama for High Crimes and Misdemeanors for sending US troops into Africa without congressional approval, the continual appointment of non-elected officials (czars), his attack on the first & second amendments, and his very eligibility to continue to be president, all clearly in violation of his oath of office to uphold our Constitution.

Defense Sec. Panetta Stresses Importance of ‘Legal Basis’ & ‘International Permission’ for Military Action and how to address congress, if at all………from the Blaze,


During testimony this week in front of a Senate Armed Services Committee, Defense Sec. Leon Panetta stunned Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) by saying the U.S. would seek a “legal basis” and “international permission” for military action in Syria (especially if the action was the work of a coalition). The response came after a question of whether the military would seek congressional approval for any action overseas:

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