US Troops Disarmed For Panetta

15 Mar

This is not more than an insult.  This is a sign that our “leaders” fear our men and women in uniform.  You ain’t gonna believe this one……

US Troops Disarmed For Panetta

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta arrived in Kabul, Afghanistantoday and what happened was short of surreal. First a Afghan, on fire, in a stolen truck apparently tried to attack Panetta’s plane, followed by a meeting with the soldiers at HelmlandProvince, in which they were requested to be disarmed.
Let’s take the first incident. We are not told who the driver was or what his motives were. They do seem apparent though and that was to somehow injure or kill Panetta or soldiers.
He sped onto the runway in a stolen truck at the British military airfield as Panetta’s plane was landing.
The flames were extinguished on the burning Afghan and he was treated for burns. The truck never exploded as some earlier reports stated.
This of course comes after the sergeant over the weekend killed 16 Afghanistan civilians and then turned himself in.
Later that day Panetta was to speak to the Marines and international troops at Camp leatherneck before going to a remote combat outpost.
Apparently someone, either Panetta or someone in his staff, made it clear that they were nervous about the situation. As 200 people gathered in a tent at Camp Leatherneck to hear Mr. Panetta speak, they were abruptly asked by their commander to get up and place their weapons outside the tent and then return unarmed.
The soldiers did as they were told removing their m-16s, m-4s and 9-mm pistols to the exterior of the tent and then entering completely unarmed. And why? According to Sgt. Maj. Brandon hall, “All I know is, I was told to get the weapons out,…Somebody got itchy, that’s all I’ve got to say. Somebody got itchy; we just adjust.”
Ok, first this is ridiculous! I’ll explain why.
An Afghan on fire had apparently just penetrated the base with a stolen truck! He was apparently aiming for the Secretary of Defense’s plane.
To then go and disarm the men who have took the oath they have as though you don’t trust them is completely demoralizing and shame on whoever it was that wanted the weapons removed!
Here’s the thing, they just had a massive breach of security and now what they did was take 200 soldiers, put them in a tent and completely disarm then KNOWING there was a breach shortly before. What kind of logic is that?
Some have said that it is because of the incident over the weekend and the soldiers, but that makes no sense considering the abruptness of the order. Something is rotten in Denmark here. Can those in power now be said to fear those they serve and those who are the defenders of our nation?
I for one am appalled at this. Here is a man that just last week made treasonous statements before the Appropriations Committee and sparked a Congressional resolution for the impeachment of the President and also has been quite vocal in saying that if the administration says you are a terrorist they can assassinate you and he comes into the tent of soldiers and immediately they are ordered to disarm as though they cannot be trusted.
The incredible irony of it all! Mr. Panetta openly stated things that, in times past, would have gotten him dealt with in an extremely severe manor in a very quick procedure. Today men like him come in, have troops disarmed, leaving them in jeopardy, all to speak to them.
Where is the honor among those that lead? Why the demoralizing of our troops, the lack of trust and the purposeful placing in danger these men? Why? Was it to make Panetta “feel” safe? If it was, then shame on whoever gave the order. Furthermore shame on the one who gave the order to disarm troops that just a short time before could have possibly been targets themselves.
Tim Brown


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