20 Mar

Chicago Style thug politics, outright abuses of power, and IMPEACHABLE offenses committed by a sitting president is unfolding on a daily basis and the media ignores it and congress does nothing!!

 A few weeks ago the Obama placed the Catholic Church, namely the Vatican, on MONEY LAUNDERING “WATCH LIST” usually slated for mobsters, terrorists, and two-bit tyrants around the world. In obvious retribution and “payback” for the contraception battle which I believe bloodied the Obama Regime, the Vatican was placed on the list by the administration and now have obviously twisted the arms of the big shots at JP MORGAN CHASE (who took billions in TARP money from Obama) who in turn CLOSED THE ACCOUNTS OF THE VATICAN!

 I for one have accounts at Chase Bank and if this is not reversed, and soon, I will be promptly switching banks…..I highly suggest putting your money in smaller but stable local bank, further away from Federal tampering and control…..or a CREDIT UNION.

 LEAVE JP MORGAN CHASE BANK!! Show them that this abuse and intimidation won’t come without consequences! If they can do this to the Vatican, imagine what they can do to you!

 This is how Reuters and other media outlets WHITEWASHED the story to cover up what is really going on


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