Obama’s List of Shame…….

20 Mar

BREAKING: White House makes wine list secret

after $300 bottle found to have been served …

Setting sun?



 Washington Post:

Record number hold ‘strongly negative’

view of Obama…


Obama most polarizing president

in U.S. history …


* * *

Consistent majorities angry over Obama’s

socialized health care law – want in repealed …


Obama DOJ blocks state voter ID legislation — again …

DOJ refuses to prosecute New Black Panther

Party for clear-cut voter intimidation …

Obama DOD: “International approval” trumps

Congressional permission to go to war with Syria …

IRS targets tea party leadership, Glenn Beck,

other Obama opponents …


Homeland Security monitoring

Internet for “anti-government sentiment” …

Obama declares war on Catholic church,

religious freedom …


State Department adds the Vatican to list of

“money launderers” …


Financial Times on the Obama economy:

Actual unemployment rate 11% …

As gasoline prices soar, Obama vetoes

Keystone Pipeline, won’t allow more drilling …


Obama cuts health care for military, but

not for public employee unions …


Obama slashes military budget,

 tells Special Ops to do more with less …


Obama announces support of anti-capitalist

“occupy” protests …

Obama revokes Clinton’s welfare reform,

recipients no longer required to work for benefits …


At behest of teachers unions, Obama kills

DC School Voucher Program that gave minority

kids in the nation’s capitol an alternative to the

Districts abysmal public schools …

(This video will break your heart.)


Obama condemns Limbaugh for calling Sandra

Fluke a “slut”, won’t comment on his million-dollar

donor Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a “cu*t” …

As Americans struggle to fill up their cars,

Obama hits campaign trail in $1.2 million gas

   guzzling bus accompanied by 40-car motorcade …


Air Force ordered to provide nine (9) military transports

to support Obama’s campaign travel plans …

White House menu includes $100/pound Wagyu beef …


Michelle Obama estimated to have spent $10 million

on taxpayer-funded luxury vacations …

FLASHBACK to February 2009:

“I refuse to leave our children with a debt

that they cannot repay, and that means taking

responsibility right now in this administration

for getting spending under control. I pledge

that I will cut the deficit I inherited in half

by the end of my first term.”

2008 deficit: $459 billion

2012 deficit: $1.3 trillion


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