Another One Bites the Dust…….OBAMA GREENRUPTCY!

27 Mar

Another so-called Green Job panacea victim, this time in Ohio. Even though 2009 documents showed only $500,000 in income and a LOSS of 4.9 million, the state of Ohio under the thumb of Sherrod Brown, Dennis Kucinich, and the Obama administration continued to dump millions of tax payer dollars into the floundering solar company. In January of this year, W&K laid off almost ALL OF ITS WORKFORCE and has no accounting of the millions of tax dollars “loaned” to them.

Big surprise to VP Joe Biden, US Labor Secretary Gilda Solis, and then Gov Ted Strickland, all Democrats, who had touted this company of another success story and “GOLDEN EXAMPLE” of Obama’s Green Jobs strategy. This is just another in a long line of financial disasters using taxpayer money, Solyndra being the worst but only one of hundreds of failures by Democrats and their FAKE INDUSTRY used to cover up their slush fund to political cronies and to sustain the big lie of Obama’s Green Economy.

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