King Barack Hussein Obama attacks the Supreme Court…….what does he know?

4 Apr

President Obama wrongly attacked the Supreme Court and cited a State Supreme Court case instead of a federal case to buttress his argument. If the media was doing its job, they could have pointed that out along with a long list of examples to contradict Obama’s ridiculous claims. In addition, we have not even addressed the audacity and ethics of this White House, it’s been deplorable to say the least and the hypocrisy is stunning. Obama’s own Justice Department is openly and unlawfully ignoring a “democratically elected” congressional decision with the Defense of Marriage Act because he simply chooses to pick which laws he will and will not uphold.

Obama and Eric Holder’s Justice Dept have also selectively ignored The New Black panther Case in the 2008 election which was clearly voter intimidation CAUGHT ON VIDEO TAPE but simply chose to ignore the law. Obama, who is supposedly a “Constitutional Scholar”, but has no writings published or has ever released any college transcripts, called the conservative Supreme Court Justices “activists judges” legislating from the bench. problem with that is he has flipped the meaning on its head, as he does with every issue in which he disagrees, you cannot be an activist judge by DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION AND FOLLOWING THE LAW, as opposed to changing or intentionally misreading a law in direct contradiction to the Constitution.

If the media were doing its job, they would be asking why Justice Eleana Kagan has not recused herself from the Obamacare proceedings as she was the SOLICITOR GENERAL for the damn case and help write the law!!!!!

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