A Greater Threat to the US Than San Andreas…….BUSH’s FAULT!

11 Apr

Obama...." It's Been Festering Since 2000'"

Bush Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in the United States, and particularly within the pathetic Regime of Barack Hussein Obama, who cannot blame himself for anything due to his narcissistic and maniacal personality. Obama and his minions have blamed Bush for the “economy he inherited”, the slow growth of the economy, the housing and economic collapse, healthcare woes, an activist supreme court and now………DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

The Obama administration has now blamed Bush for Obama’s 3 1/2-year-old GSA (General Services Administration) scandal in Vegas, complete with a $3000 clown and a mind reader. Now it has come to light that the Scape goat administrator, Martha Johnson, that was recently fired at midnight on a Friday was actually not at the ill-schemed junket in Sin City. Johnson was instead  at SOLYNDRA buying bankrupt Obama solar panels and trying to save his sorry ass and to help cover up the worst scandal since Enron. (Which was also Bush’s Fault by the way) It must be nice going through life with a (D) next to your name huh, it’s practically a license to kill. It just sucks being right (R) and always having the perception of being (W) wrong………just imagine how much it sucks being a (B) Bush!!

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