A letter to the editor…….

16 Apr

The Plain Dealer, The Dispatch, and the AP should be ashamed of this article published Saturday, April 14th in the Metro/State section. Ms Johnston should be especially reprimanded if she added this senseless and irrelevant sentence put into the article for obvious insinuations. The sentence stuck out like a sore thumb and I strove to find a possible need to add, “a Confederate flag hung in the back yard”. The original article in the Plain Dealer also listed other items observed in the yard along with the flag, but the edited Dispatch verision conveniently omitted those words but chose to keep the sentence in for whatever reason. You figure it out, it’s obvious I think.

This sentence has no business being there, and it had absolutely no correlation to this story without knowing specific details of the case, and even then, having a Confederate flag should have no basis to be inserted into this tragic story. It seems you in the media cannot resist the temptation to paint violent criminals as White, Right-Wing nuts and hopefully Republicans if possible. This was obvious with the recent Travvon Martin case where NBC purposely doctored a 911 tape portraying Zimmerman as a over zealous racists hell bent on gunning down anyone who is black. When it came to light he was Hispanic and a registered Democrat, suddenly a new race was created, White-Hispanic.

Prior to this case, the same tricks and deceit was used in the Gabby Gifford’s shooting, until again, it was found he wasn’t some Right-Wing, Limbaugh listening, NRA member. Instead, he was a left-wing, mentally disturbed individual that did not fit the media’s wishful profile, and even went as far as to attack the right for using such words as target, targeted, and point-blank during the normal discourse of a campaign season.  Now the AP and/or Ms Johnston feels the need to throw in an arbitrary observation that a Confederate flag hung in the yard of a killer, what exactly does that have to do with this tragedy? I will go one further bet any amount of money that this information could not, or would not be able to play into any prosecutors’ playbook, or any defense lawyers’ efforts to exonerate a client.

It is time the media stops its blatant bias, misuse of the First Amendment, and rampant journalistic malpractice. It is a privilege to live in a country with freedom of speech and every journalist’s duty to follow the truth, seek out injustice wherever it lives, and to be completely honest with the evidence presented to the public. Anything less is a disgrace and a violation of your Constitutional duty as a journalist, and as a citizen of this great country. Enough is enough, do your jobs as they were intended and leave your prejudices and politics at the newsroom door.

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