ObamaNation……an end to American Exceptionalism

17 Apr

Last Flight of the Discovery....April 18, 2012

How appropriate, and how fitting. A picture IS worth a thousand words as this photo today illustrates the curtain call for the magnificent American achievement known as the shuttle program. The entire program has been all but completely scrapped under the Obama administration and along with it, our feeling of American Exceptionalism and rugged independence. However, for Obama and people like him, today is nothing more than another chink in the armor to the chains that now bind us to Russia, China, and the new NASA, complete with Obama’s version of NASA as a Muslim outreach agency as he so queerly put it. The jury is still out on exactly what he meant by that,  but like everything else Obama and the democrats do, it can only mean one thing, BAD FOR AMERICA.

Shuttle Over Obama White House

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