By George I Think I’ve Got it! New Stratagy for “Fairness” as Obama Puts it.

18 Apr

A record number of US citizens have renounced their citizenships to avoid the piles of paperwork, red tape, and excessive taxation while working overseas while still an American Citizen. Why not just renounce your citizenship then break into the United States as an “undocumented worker” then you can get everything you want or need for free (well, nothing’s free but on the taxpayer dime) and come and go as you please to any country you wish? You’ll get free healthcare, free education, you can still vote because judges say we can’t check ID’s at the voting booth. You can buy a car, a house, get government loans and not have to repay…..IN FACT, YOU”LL GET TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE FOR ALL THE GOODIES, and you or your kids can get into the best colleges ahead of your US counterparts.

There is only one problem with this scheme, if you are White, you will probably be S O L and may have to use other tactics to hide your ethnicity, because in America it is becoming increasingly clear….WHITES NEED NOT APPLY.


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