25 Apr

Shocking Trailer…..Rumors of War 3

I urge you to watch tonight at 7pm on GBTV, Rumors of War 3, and an in depth look at the status of the war on terror and our perilous situation the government is hiding from you. All the facts have been corroborated and the guests, like Frank Gaffney, are experts in the field. PLEASE WATCH IT, there is a free two week trial for anyone who wants to try it, I subscribed long ago and it’s the best there is! If you can’t watch tonight, as a two week member, you can watch it anytime. You can always cancel after two weeks.


This shocking show will scare the living hell out of you and you will never be the same, well, unless you are one of the millions of US citizens who continues to keep your head in the sand and pretend we are not in imminent danger. PASS IT ON


 Please view the preview clip here…..and sign up!

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