Obama’s Revisionist History & Blame Continue Continues…..

25 Apr

Obama has launched his COLLEGE COMEDY TOUR, crisscrossing the country doing what liberals do best…..LIE, BLAME, AND REVISE HISTORICAL FACTS to suit their political needs. And as usual, the stenographers in the mainstream media are willing to ignore the truth and take whatever his hideousness has to say as gospel.

Obama is about to appear on Jimmy Fallon to degrade and debase the office of the presidency even further than he has already, Obama has turned the once prestiges stature of the office into a laughing-stock and our doctrines & treaties mistrusted by the world. I feel NO president, once in office, should be going onto late night tv shows, or sitcoms, or any other degrading venue.

His College Comedy Tour is just that, comedy. His sarcasm and hypocrisy is nauseating, while his relentless and spineless blame the republican tactics is getting stale and pathetic. He’s going around college campuses blaming the republicans for a soon to double interest rates on some student loans as of July first. THE DEMOCRATS ran the house & senate when those laws were changed and the democrats installed the July 1st deadline knowing full well it would be encroaching on a presidential election year, and no doubt knew they could once again easily paint the republicans as the Big Bad Wolf and Boogey Man all rolled into one.

What Obama and anyone else in the administration, or the State-Run Media,  fails to mention is the ever-expanding payroll, pension, benefit, and tenure of the overpaid, professional students that are the typical Liberal college professor. But of course, they are the good people, the untouchables who work hard for the children, shaping our future generations. Hogwash, they spend their time brainwashing them with their filthy, America – hating worldviews and dumbing down the curriculum to ensure all pass so they can get there goodies from Uncle Obama and the rest of their cronies in the public service unions, academia, and the federal and state bureaucracies. We tried to fix this problem in Ohio and passed measures to limit this power, only to have it overwhelmingly overturned by referendum. You see, when you give away freebies, they don’t want to give them up. And when most of the populace perceives the big bad wolf taking candy from babies, they instinctively protect that baby. That’s exactly what happened with the Issue 2 debacle. If we were not outspent and the republicans actually explained to the populace why they were doing it and what was at stake, it never would have been overturned.

The college tuition rates have been going up in Ohio, and nationwide wide, several times a year in some cases and it will only get worse with Obamacare and, God forbid, another Obama term. Until we get some controls on the public unions, and runaway spending that occurs within the higher education community, we will never see an end to these escalating costs. The same goes for public schools, all the union leadership does every three years is look for more….more money, more pension, more healthcare, more vacation, more, more, more. Maybe Obama should remind the eggheads that are half-baked on Chronic at these College Comedy Tours that he, as Comedian in Chief, took over the college loan program and turned that into another government-run agency. How’s that HOPE AND CHANGE working out for you

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