GOING POSTAL…..The next front for the war on America

27 Apr

Your Money or Your Mail Buddy!

Postal Service: This week the Senate passed a postal bill that throws billions at the beleaguered monopoly but does nothing to fix it. If Congress can’t even manage to get this reform right, the country is doomed.To get a sense of how out of whack lawmakers’ priorities are these days, consider that Congress has for years made naming post office buildings its most crucial task — passing more bills to do that than anything else.

Since 2005, there have been 288 post office designation laws, according to an IBD review of Library of Congress records. That accounts for one of every five laws enacted over those years.

All this happened while the U.S. Postal Service was careening toward bankruptcy. And now, with that fate imminent, the Senate passes a bill that would make it virtually impossible for the USPS to shut these — or any other — post offices down, no matter how little used they are or how much money they lose.

This isn’t just a minor issue.

The USPS is losing $25 million each day and has already piled up $13 billion in debt. It’s so bad that the Postal Service itself desperately wants to cut costs to keep the service more or less viable.

What it got instead was a Senate bill that sets up new restrictions on how the USPS can manage its costs, along with a truckload of taxpayer bailout money to cover its losses.

Even the postmaster general isn’t buying it.

“If this bill were to become law, the Postal Service would be back before the Congress within a few years requesting additional legislative reform,” he said in reaction to the Senate plan.

Over on the House side, Darrell Issa, who heads the Government Reform Committee, vows to block the Senate bill.

Of course, what the Postal Service needs isn’t just a little more freedom to cut costs, but wholesale privatization. Many other countries have privatized their postal services, opening them up to competition and watching as market forces improve quality and lower costs.

The bigger issue is this:

If lawmakers don’t have the stomach to let even a few post offices close because doing so might inconvenience some voters, what’s the chance that they will ever be able to reform the nation’s entitlement programs, or fix the tax code, or do other the other things needed to wean millions of Americans off their growing dependence on government?

FROM: IBD Editorials

One Response to “GOING POSTAL…..The next front for the war on America”

  1. Val Nostdahl September 11, 2013 at 8:19 pm #

    The United States Post Office was formed in 1775 by continental congress members Sam Adams and Benjamin Franklin to communicate and win the revolutionary war, it predates the forming of the Nation and the Constitution. A good book to read for every America is called the Post Office, its past record, it present condition and its potential relation to the new world era, Daniel Calhoun Roper, Chairperson of the United States Tariff Commission and First Assistant Post Master General , 1913-1917, ( amazon.com search inside this book or free google.books to read) This was the era of collective bargaining being formed when postal employees marched in mass to dc to protest the deplorable working conditions of the USPO. Following that was the right to unionize in 1935, the fair labor standards law, child labor laws, social security, medi-care and medi-caid, minimum wage laws, health benefits and retirement benefits. In 1970 the great postal strike took place due to congress once again ignoring the working condition of the postal work force some who were working 3 jobs to survive and some also on welfare while working for the USPO. The postal strike was successful in re enforcing of collective bargaining rights , changing the USPO into the USPS, removing it from the President’s cabinet, and placing a board of governors over it, then comes the Post Master General , the other executives of the Postal Service, the Labor Department management of Postmasters over the working staff of the Postal Service. The no strike law evolved in to being for union postal workers. In 2000, 2001 postal service union members were made to pay in an extra 15 percent to their retirement systems known as FERS and CSRS, Federal employee retirement system and Civil Service Retirement system that even congress uses. The tax increase for postal workers checks was made under the 1997 budget reconciliation act for budget reasons only not for federal retirement. Both the President and Congress thanked the postal workers for their ‘ sacrifice’. The increase was removed from the Presidents budget in 2002 and new postal legislation began. In 2003 , the USPS reported back to congress on the over payment or over funding of the Postal retirement systems, some 15 billion for FERS and 140 billion for CSRS. ( see postal comments to the federal trade commission , august 6, 2007) USPS also had a banner year of profits from Postal workers delivering the mail, and so new postal legislation was passed in 2006 called the PAEA or Postal Accountability and Enhancement act law, taking 5 billion a year, from postal profits, to set aside in escrow for a 10 year period from 2006 until 2016 , for future employees not even born or working for the USPS, today the account stands at about 47 billion for having too much money in retirement so more was put aside to let the USPS keep its promise of retirement to postal workers who are still getting increases from their checks when congress decides they need to put more in the accounts. Meanwhile under the PAEA law, top executives like the PMG and 12 others got pay per performance bonus money , to undercut service, close post offices, and short staff postal workers for having too much money in retirement, or as it is known non replacement of attrition or retirees if they retire after 20 years to get a supplement for social security if they are FERS for about 900 a month and taking medical out of that , making it worth about 750 if single and 500 if family. PMG potter retired with 5.5 million in retirement in 2010. For further information on the USPS situation here are some links : AWPU 3800, PA , library, stress in the workplace articles, including ” How the ongoing violation of the USPS guiding principles are creating a toxic work environment. ” 2008, Minot Daily News archives, Postal Politics, Postal Frustrations, and How to fix the USPS , march 3, 2013, Grand Forks Herald , archives, Ryan Bakken Column, the mail must go through 2009. search for ALEC/Koch Cabal The Privatization of USPS for Ups and FedEx, Bob Sloan, VLTP.net ( voters league transparency project. net) April 2012, Examiner. Com, Tim McCown, archives June 2012, Behind all the schemes and lies of the privatization of USPS. scribd( net) The battle for democracy and the USPS, Tim Burleson, Michigan American Postal Workers Union, the truth about the Postal Crisis. http://www.savethepostoffice.com, and USPS widows on face book.

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