Obama’s Gone Wild College Tour 2012……Hey Barack, DC is the Other Direction…

27 Apr

Obama's Gone Wild College Tour

Hey Obama, here’s an idea…..instead of hanging out at college dive bars and copping a cheap feel from a co ed, maybe try doing that job called, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Dickballs! The country is going down the drain and all you can do is go on a Presidents Gone Wild Tour and appear on late night talk shows looking like a moron, embarrasing the country, and costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in travel and security. Not to mention the precious Global warming you must be creating with all that CO2 spewing out of Air Force One and the 25 Limos and SUV’s…….where are all you dumb ass college brats complaining about that huh? Too busy throwing barrels thru windows at a G8 or OWS rally??


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