OBAMA’S $90 Billion Shell Game…..

3 May

In 2009, President Obama promised that

he would reignite the economy by using

$90 billion in stimulus funding to create

millions of renewable energy jobs.


A big load of

green energy bull?

You decide.

Governors’ Biofuels Coalition: Obama failed to deliver on his green jobs promises

Wind industry has lost 10,000 jobs under Obama

America’s largest solar panel manufacturer lays off 2,000

Reuters: Obama’s green jobs program a failure

$535 million in federal loan guarantees not enough to save SOLYNDRA; solar panel maker files for bankruptcy

Solyndra a full-blown green energy scandal

FBI raids Solyndra, a government-backed solar power company hailed by Obama

House Energy committee faults DOE, White House for ignoring Solyndra red flags in rush to dole out stimulus money

Big-name Solyndra investors who backed Obama first in line to recoup losses

Politically-connected wind farm developers stand to reap huge profits from $1.6 billion federally-backed loan and $490 million federal cash grant

Green energy cronyism: Democrat donors prosper from Obama’s aggressive renewable energy initiatives

Obama DOE gave $197 million loan guarantee to shaky solar company that uses same unproven technology as bankrupt Solyndra

Obama DOD mandates Navy to purchase green energy biofuel costing 9 times more than standard JP-5 jet fuel

Obama administration subsidizes low-selling Chevy Volt with $3 billion in loans, grants, rebates & tax giveaways

Taxpayers left holding bag: Nevada Geothermal set to go bust after $98.5 million federally-backed loan

ABC News investigation: Government-backed energy firm pays six-figure bonuses to top executives shortly before going bust

Green energy scandal rocks White House: Member of Obama’s job council directs $2 billion to his own solar energy company

Five bankrupt green energy companies had junk bond rating prior to receiving Obama DOE loan guarantees

Politically-connected renewable energy company uses federal funds to buy solar panels … from itself

Stimulus-backed solar company touted by Obama in weekly radio address lays off 70% of workforce

Obama fundraising bundler’s green energy portfolio received $600 million in federal loan guarantees

Europe scales back green energy subsidies as rash of hi-profile collapses hit continent’s solar power industry

Prior to bankruptcy, federally-backed Beacon Power paid three top execs who supported Obama in ‘08 more than a quarter million dollars in bonuses

Investor’s Business Daily: Obama’s green energy investments continue to fail

Obama administration won’t reveal how many more government-backed energy companies are on the ropes

Taxpayers in Minnesota stuck paying for wind energy they can’t use or sell because of DOE energy mandates

Electric car maker Fisker Automotive got $529 million taxpayer assistance, is now laying off workers

USA Today: Is Fisker Automotive on ropes? Delaware plant “absolutely empty”

Lithium-ion battery firm that landed $118 million federal grant paid $450,000 bonus to CEO prior to declaring bankruptcy

Solar Trust, Inc. goes insolvent within a year of getting conditional $2.1 billion federal loan guarantee

FLASHBACK: Obama touts Spain as shining example of green energy success [VIDEO] BREAKING: Spain’s unemployment hits record 24.4%.

REALITY: Madrid university reports that Spain lost 2.2 jobs in overall economy for every green job created

FAST-FORWARD: Spain announces halts to all new green energy projects

Who’s at fault for U.S. green jobs failure? Obama blames Europe

Despite 3 ½ years of serial failures, Obama doubles down on green energy spending

All Americans should be proud that their country had the courage to elect its first black president, but President Obama’s green energy initiative will go down as one of the most costly boondoggles in history

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  1. Video: First Solar Chairman Tells Congress Majority of Jobs Created Using Obama’s $3.1 Billion Loan Guarantee Were Overseas… | Congressman Tom Tancredo - May 17, 2012

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