Black Bloc…..Radical Offspring of Occupy Wall Street Riots in Seattle….Happy May Day!

3 May

Funny, I didn’t see this on the national media, did you?

What started as evidently a peaceful protest spiraled out of control around noon today, as anarchist demonstrators smashed shop windows, attacked banks and even staged random, unexplained assaults on innocent people in cars. One local news station referred to the whole event as “leaving a trail of broken glass and smoke”:

The chaos got so bad that Seattle’s mayor, Mike McGinn was forced to go on local TV and announce that he was using his emergency powers to expand police power in a 6 minute speech. You can watch below:

“I am issuing an order for the limited purpose of giving the police authority to confiscate items that can be used as weapons. This will be for the duration of the scheduled activities through May Day,” McGinn announced. “We are concerned that the group currently gathered at Westlake may choose to march again, and when they march, and if there are individuals in the crowd who seek to do what they did this morning, it can be difficult to prevent them from doing it, so having this order will allow us to approach people before the march begins in order to confiscate items that can be used to cause property damage or to cause injury to others.”

Mayor McGinn specifically fingered “anarchist or black bloc type individuals” as the people who had made his exercise of emergency

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