Euro Zone Elections Show Stormy Bellweather……

7 May

Things are not looking good for the global economy, and for US and our future. You see, when the inmates run the asylum, even a “democracy” as some put it are doomed to failure. The United States is not a Democracy, but a representative republic. That being said, when the scales are tipped in favor of the “TAKERS” as opposed to the “PRODUCERS”, the slide into Socialism and anarchy is swift. Recently in Greece, the TAKERS there voted to resist much-needed austerity measures to start reversing decades of reckless spending on cradle to grave social programs, bordering on the ridiculous. The same kind of insanity the Obama administration and the Democrats are pushing down Americans throats. In France, Sarkozy just lost to the Socialist in a close runoff election, again, the TAKERS outvoted the Producers and much-needed austerity and reforms will be ran by the inmates, also known as the ultra-liberal party of Socialist Francois Hollande.

This will not bode well for our financial markets and those around the globe who were assured they would be making common sense and more responsible economic and social policies. It appears now that is not the case and to be sure, liberals and socialists in charge can only mean more reckless spending and more unsustainable government policies. They will be doing the Obama double-down for sure, and look for the markets to tank in the process. If America does not smarten up and reverse course now, we too will be to the point of no return and the inmates will run this asylum and they’ll be nothing that the people pulling the cart overloaded with freeloaders can do about it.

 Prepare, prepare, and then prepare.


Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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