What Will You Tell Your Kids & Grandkids?

11 May

” A Document of Negative Liberties”

The family of the boy Mitt Romney supposedly bullied and cut his hair, frigging 50 plus years ago in high school, has denied the incident even took place or that he was a homosexual. The victim in question is conveniently DEAD. Furthermore, the reckless & corrupt State Run Obama media machine is covering it up and leaking bits out, modestly and selectively, on a FRIDAY when no one pays attention. The Post never even contacted the family first to get this information before releasing it? Instead they dig up Democrat hacks and political contributors to bolster the fake story? This media must be changed and held accountable for its recklessness and partisanship biases……..demand more of them or our system of government cannot function as intended, there is a reason our Founding Fathers were so adamant of freedom of speech and freedom of the press!

 How convenient this whole coordinated charade has been played out, miraculously released at the same time Obama suddenly “EVOLVES” and accepts gay marriage. They brilliantly choreographed this stunt using the useful idiot, Vice President Biden, to get the ball rolling, while at the same time giving themselves a scapegoat if it blows up in their faces.

 What a bunch of horse hockey all this foolishness is; first it was the media white house generated “War on women” controversy, and now more tricks and distractions a convenient gay marriage controversy who no one gives a damn about right now.  Never before have we had a manipulator, narcissist,  and a pathological liar sitting in our Whitehouse…..that’s what we get by electing a “community organizer” with Marxist ties,  who hates this country, and holds a grudge passed down from his father. Obama is hell-bent on pay back, and as his wife says, “we need to change our history, our traditions, we need to change our conversation” and “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM” America. Change into exactly what Mr. President?

If the media had an ounce of integrity or honesty, I’d bet my life Obama never would have been elected. From his proven ties with radicals like Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, and many others; these ties should have sunk his presidency alone. Even if they published excerpts from his own books and stopped there, should have been enough to derail a presidency. Obama’s own words are dismissed; he denied the traitorous words of Wright were heard in his church of 20 years, when they are clearly on tape. He denied and the media ignored that he denounced the United States Constitution as a “DOCUMENT OF NEGATIVE LIBERTIES”, yet it is on an NPR interview. What kind of man calls his own grandmother a “TYPICAL WHITE PERSON” who was a racist and who couldn’t help it because whites were “BRED THAT WAY”? No other politician would ever survive comments like that.

Where are Mr. Obama’s high school records? Where are his college transcripts or anything published or written as a professor, supposedly of the US Constitution? Where are the records of his past, friends, girlfriends, and other associates? Even his birth records are not original and are frauds. His father was a communist, and his mother a Marxist radical. He’s got two ILLEGAL ALIEN relatives living in MA, living on the public dole openly and clear violation of US laws. His personal ties to radicals and admitted socialists and communists are well documented.

Mr. Obama has worked outside of our Constitution since taking office and has been using the apparatus of government for his own pleasures, to bully and intimidate entire industries, and to punish individuals for their success or political differences. In unprecedented fashion, has appointed over 50 unelected, unaccountable Czars and regulators to circumvent congress. He has sued his own citizens, states, and now the sheriff in Arizona. Obama and his administration are attacking the Catholic Church and its tenants, using the arm of government as a bludgeon, in blatant violation of the constitution. Obama has thrown Israel overboard, clearly leaving a chasm in our relations and allowed a dangerous, anti-Semitic, world to be emboldened against its very existence. In fact, GREECE JUST ELECTED A 10% NAZI CABINET LAST WEEK and anti-Semitism is at an all-time high! He has publicly intimidated citizens from the podium and has publicly chosen sides and chastised others. This administration picks and chooses which laws they choose to live by and enforce, while putting the jackboot of the law on political enemies.

Friends, we are in deep trouble. Iran is on the verge of nukes, Israel is about to be attacked from all sides, our entire financial system may collapse along with the world economy. We have anarchy brewing in the streets with no legal ramifications, death bounties place on citizens with no action from the Justice Department. They have divided our nation by racial, ethnic, and economic status like never before and have stoked the flames of racial and economic warfare. We have millions of illegal aliens steaming over our borders, containing known terrorists from the Middle East. Radical clerics are openly calling for the destruction of Israel and the West, and admitting they are trying to bring biological and nuclear weapons of mass murder through our porous border with Mexico…….the Obama administration has put members of THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD into high security levels of Homeland Security and the FBI. Hamas and other terrorists have teamed up with the drug cartels in Mexico and South America to transport weapons and fighters into America. We have over 8,000 terror cells waiting to strike at any time. We have lawyers running our war on terror and making border security decisions. They continue to let political correctness and politics run the decisions of our national security. But what is the big story that Obama wants to focus on…..STUDENT LOAN RATES AND GAY MARRIAGE…….wake up people!!!

Will you be able to look your kids or grandkids in the eye and explain why you did NOTHING to stop what’s surely coming when you had a chance, when you could have made a difference during the GREAT ELECTION OF 2012??? Will you be able to say with truth and tears in your eyes that you did what you could, that you HONESTLY researched the candidates and put your own petty wants, needs, and biases aside? Don’t fall for this illusionist distractions and theatrics, because the truth is truth and cannot be rationalized or twisted into the truth that is convenient, or fits a mold you wish was there. All of this and more can be verified beyond a shadow of a doubt, while 99% of what makes Obama and his administration the public perceives cannot, it’s all media spin, cover-ups, and lies by he and his appointees……… it’s time we get some adults with a sense of responsibility and stop letting the country be run by a cadre of sixties radicals who never grew up and still hate what America stands for and what made us exceptional. This is our last chance to save this nation…….The president of the United States is the president of all of its citizenry, not just the ones who will ensure his reelection and the success of his radical agendas.

So if the answer is NO to what you’ll be able to truthfully tell your kids & grandkids, and if you are alive and still free to do so, beg them forgiveness and may God help you.


Daniel Morgan



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