Compromise is a one-way street – D STREET……

5 Jun

“D” Street, or Democrat Street, is a one-way street, it’s their way or the highway! That is how they define compromise, bipartisanship, and the all time goodie, “moving to the center”.  Mitt Romney, the RNC, and the Right side of the aisle better learn from the McCain debacle in 2008, and not repeat the “my friends, we must reach across the aisle” attitude, which lost us the election to a Community Organizer Marxist from the corrupt Chicago political machine.

I read an editorial just yesterday from a reader in the Columbus Dispatch, which went like this……

TITLED: GET BUSY CONGRESS:…..Saturday June 2, 2012 OP / Ed Columbus Dispatch

Am I the only voter who is getting sick and tired of seeing bill after bill get stalled or killed in Congress, all because of the question of how it’s to be paid for?

Every week we read that unemployment numbers are dropping. But are they? Even Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has said no, because the statistic doesn’t include those who make up our long-term jobless.

But Romney also says the blame is on President Barack Obama. Fact is, it’s Congress’s fault. Congress refuses to stop partisan fighting and get down to business.

Stalled efforts to aid students are just another example of such fighting. Republicans are more concerned about protecting the rich than to help our future generations to complete their education so they can enter society prepared to deal with whatever life sends their way.

And I don’t see what the big deal is over taxing the wealthy. They don’t mind making investments that result in a profit. So what’s wrong with making an investment, or increasing it, in a country that has blessed them so much?

Would they rather live in a country such as Greece, which is going through chaos?


So, how do we address this type of thinking? There is so much wrong thinking and misinformation here my head almost blew off my head, and the same arguments, and more outlandish, were spoken on the online comment section as well.

Mr. Berry starts off using Congress rather generically and to the best of my knowledge, that’s two parties….he quickly goes from a common sense argument to an attack on the Republicans, as if they are the only ones that are the problem and that if we would only “compromise” or agree with the Democrats, all of our problems will be fixed. Then he proceeds to assert that if we could only tax the wealthy who are so blessed to be living here, all of our problems will be fixed. Then, the coup’ de gras of his inane argument, we will become like Greece and into chaos if we do not follow the democrats into the land of prosperity and fiscal responsibility! KAAAAAAABOOOOM, that was my brains exploding all over my desk and laptop…anyone got a sponge or small pail & shovel set to scoop it up?

Let’s review shall we………

  • It was Obama and the dems who have not submitted a budget in a unprecidented 4 years
  • It was Obama and the dems who have more than quadrupled the national debt and are proposing more endless spending
  • It was and is Harry Reid and the democrat senate with two dozen bills sitting on his desk which he refuses to bring to the floor for a vote
  • It was the same policies the dems and Obama are following and are trying to implement that put Greece and other Euro-zone countries to the brink of anarchy and chaos
  • Compromise is a two-way street, not you agree with everything we want and that is bipartisanship
  • Taxing the rich has never, and will never bring about jobs or a vibrant economy…have you ever been hired by a poor or non tax paying person? Only if it’s illegal or immoral or both, right?
  • Forgiving or subsidizing student loans with no personal responsibility is not a good way to foster good, decent, hardworking and responsible citizens….look at some of the little brats in your neighborhood or at the local Applebee’s!

In closing, Mr Berry from Columbus is a gleaming example of colossal ignorance and represents the views of the Left, and unfortunately, Independents, among others. We need to educate, educate, educate! If not, because it is very difficult to argue with idiots, like arguing with your teenage son or daughter, so we must crush them with OVERWHELMING NUMBERS! If you, or anyone you know are not registered to vote or do not plan to vote, please change that and be sure they do to. This is the biggest election in our lifetimes, and perhaps US history.


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