Even Canadians Know We Are Screwed……..

7 Jun

Here is a fantastic letter from a neighbor up North who gets it. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see problems in the proper light!

Dear Commentary;

I have received a request from you to renew my subscription. I have subscribed to your magazine for approximately the past 4 years but will not be doing so again.


The chief reason is your “hands off” approach to President Obama from the time he campaigned until quite recently (“Capital Offence” by Omri Cerenin your May 2012 issue being a notable exception).


Somehow neo-conservatism for you has been a big enough tent to give Obama the “benefit of the doubt on all counts from the gong. Here is a man who was born, raised and educated as a Muslim, was indoctinated with the political theories of  communist radical Saul Alinsky, became a community organizer, worked closely with the Democratic Socialist Party of America, was mentored in black liberation theology and politics by the Rev.Wright, promised to “transform” America a few days before winning the election, whose first phone call in office was to Prime Minister Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, who promised Iran would never go nuclear under his watch, who berated and insulted Israel’s Prime Minister on several occasions, who ordered Israel to stop building settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem, who ordered the Israelis to go back to the 1949 Armistice lines, who has put in charge of major government departments communists and socialists, has single-handedly imposed a health care system that will bankrupt your country, has added 5 trillion dollars (headed to 6 trillion) worth of debt for your country, has scared off jobs and investment by his socialist intentions and is taking the U.S. off an economic cliff  a la Greece…and your magazine has published the most tepid, artificially technical and wishful thinking articles about the most destructive President and administration your country has ever seen.


It seems your over-all approach is that America can survive Obama, even if he wins re-election. Mr. John Podhoretz has even opined that America will easily overcome its debt problems, insinuating it will never end up like Greece. With “critics” like this, and the rest of the “mainstream media” still swooning over Obama is it any wonder that his popularity is still in the 40’s and that a communist ideologue like him is tied in the polls with a real businessman like Romney? By the time Podhoretz wakes up his country will be toast.

Here is how an article on a situation that deeply affects your country and its ally Israel should be written:



I suggest you hire Mr. Greenfied to so some of your writing.

Howard Bockner


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