An Open Letter to President Obama……

15 Jun

President Obama,

This is NOT China, this is NOT Venezuela, this is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA where we have a representative republic, where the congress and the senate vote on issues on our behalf, WE DO NOT RULE BY DECREE OR BY EXECUTIVE ORDERS IN AMERICA! What you are doing with this amnesty is nothing more than disgraceful pandering for votes in the next election. What you are doing is unconstitutional and you need to stop this order and to protect the citizens of America from foreign enemies who have broken our laws and are taking jobs Americans need in these tough economic times.

With all due respect Sir, you swore an oath to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, not to defend and promote the welfare of citizens of foreign nations at the expense of ours. This executive order has also just given the GREEN LIGHT to millions more would-be law breakers that it is now OK to break into our country and steal from its citizens who work hard and pay taxes.

You are a disgrace to the office of the presidency and you will pay dearly at the polls for this act of treason.


Outraged US Citizen & Voter

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