39 Lies and Counting……

21 Jun

Obama’s own biographer, David Maraniss, has found no less than 39 lies in his book, Dreams From My Father, and many of these are not minor oversights. Major historic, biographic, and factual inconsistencies have finally come to light, show the sheer arrogance, narcissism, and dishonesty of our president and illustrates the zeal in which he will go to attain his objectives of the “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America. His desire to impose his Social Justice, a la Reverend Wright, is very apparent in such a short time. His negative achievements are astounding to any of us who actually pay attention and sit and watch the destruction of our nation as we know it.

Let’s remember Obama’s infamous NPR radio interview when he called the United States Constitution a “document of negative liberties” and laments how it states the limitations of government, rather than the progressive, evolving and expanding government they wish they could have, with virtually no limitations to the powers to control all aspects of our lives.

Barack Hussein Obama was essentially elected on the merits of this book, its contents and by the massive media & hollywood style magnification of it, all without the proper vetting process all past presidents have been subjected to. It’s time that he is finally vetted to the American people, not for his detractors’ benefit, but for the preservation of our great nation as founded and as intended, and not the bastardized or “transformed” version this president and his Czars and appointees have envisioned for us.

His lies are finally coming back to haunt him, the bloom is off the rose, and even the media is having a hard time covering for his deceit. Time to buck up and save the country instead of your saving face or saving Obama’s legacy.

November 6, 2012 is “buck up” day, time to choose which country you want to live in; there is no turning back after this. With what we have seen this man “accomplish” in under 3 years, just imagine what havoc he will wreak on the nation knowing he has nothing to lose, no reelection to fight? That is a “fundamental transformation” I do not want to live with.

Daniel Morgan

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