28 Jun

Obama Lied & Freedom Died

The stunning decision today by the Supreme Court unfortunately determined that Obamacare is constitutional, but has a silver lining finding the individual mandate can only be implemented as a tax. This is a 180 degree contradiction to what Obama has said in the media, the democrats in congress, and all the liberal pundits categorically refuted the mandate as a tax. The Affordable Healthcare Act is therefore the single largest tax increase in world history and taxes everyone under the sun, including the cherished Middle Class who Obama swore would NEVER see a tax increase under his watch, as Joe Wilson said to his immigration policy…..YOU LIE! We saw this with Obama’s recent stripping of states’ rights, and the rights of every US citizen who wants a safe and secure border in a dangerous world and in tough economic times.

If you have not woken up by now you are either ignorant and deserve what you get, or you are part of the problem and need to eliminated by overwhelming force at the ballot box this November. I will not give up until all avenues are exhausted, and even then, till they drag me away in cuffs, I WILL NOT COMPLY!

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