Supreme Court Ruling Unconstitutional

29 Jun

It is a sad day in American history when the protectors of the Constitution themselves violate it. Chief Justice John Roberts turned the United States Constitution, and the rules of the Supreme Court, on its head by bending the law to support the government’s argument that the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHC) was constitutional. Due Process was violated by the High Court, the Democrat Congress, and by the Obama administration.

The AHA was fraudulently passed by the democrats and procedurally bankrupt by the laws of congress to begin with. Do you remember, they “deemed it passed”, never held hearings, debates, or even read it, then ultimately passed it late on a Saturday at Christmas time. The administration and the democrats fought tooth and nail that is was not a tax and did so right up to opening arguments at the Supreme Court.

Day one, opening arguments at the SJC, Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli argued to the court that this was not a mandate but a TAX, contrary to what was sold to the American public, and denied by Obama, on tape, and by Pelosi, Reid, et al. In comes the lawyer for the court, Robert Long, who successfully argued they could not try the case as a TAX because of the 1867 Anti-Injunction Act, which states a case cannot be heard until a tax was collected, and right at that point, this case should have been thrown out until 2014 when the first taxes are due to be collected from you.

Instead of throwing it out, the SJC allowed the Government to then have two arguments at the same time, virtually impossible for any citizen, in any court in the country. They then allowed Verrilli to then argue AHA under the Commerce Clause. This is like a judge freeing a murderer because he felt the defense attorney did not argue the case well, and let the murderer out on a crime not even argued by the defense attorney!

Justice Alito saw this conflict on day two of arguments and was incredulous that Verrilli was arguing the governments’ case both as a tax and under the Commerce Clause simultaneously. Justice John Roberts, along with the Liberal Bloc of the SJC, fraudulently allowed the case to proceed anyway, when once found a TAX, should have been thrown out immediately. Then to have the Chief Justice and the four other liberal justices rule in favor for the government by saying that the AHA was a tax is thus violating the Anti-Injunction Act and thus a violation of a constitutionally enacted law, which has never been challenged or found unconstitutional. By default, this case would have had to be tried under commerce, which all five “conservative” justices agreed was unconstitutional; Obamacare would have been thrown out in its entirety.

The bottom line is that we now live in a country defunct of a Constitution and rule of law. The safety net is gone, the back stop removed. The Founders brilliantly constructed the foundations of our government and if followed to the law, and Constitution respected, we would not be having this conversation. The Supreme Court can no longer be counted on to protect and defend the laws of the land. The November election could usher in one or two more justices, and given what has happened so far, the final nails in the coffin for Liberty, Justice, and the American Way could be hammered in. Time to decide, anarchy and chaos, or liberty and freedom, the choice is yours. I hope you vote in November for the latter.

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