Another First for America…..the “Fundamental Transformation” is almost complete….

19 Jul

It’s official folks, the Obama administration has bestowed yet another first for U.S., Canada now has a HIGHER household income level than we do for the first time in history. You got to love all this “CHANGE” he promised huh? Why and how did this happen? Canada has been “cautious” and prudent with their finances and fiscally responsible, WE HAVE NOT… least our government has not as well as many citizens living beyond their means with no feeling of personal responsibility. Obama has no intention of scaling back, in fact, he’s doubling down and when the Obamacare finally kicks in 2014, we are really done for. Good going America……and many of you will pull the lever for Obama again…..mark my words, you’ll be pulling the lever of an electric chair for the execution of America as founded and you will be held responsible one way or another. I can’t recognize this country in just under 4 years, and the “fundamental transformation” he wants will be irreversible in 4 years from now and this country will NEVER be the same. The future is up to you, it’s your responsibility to educate yourself with the TRUTH, wherever that leads; and I guarantee this man does not deserve to represent America or its citizens and he’s violated his Oath of Office, betrayed its people, and he has repeatedly abused the powers vested in him and he needs to be held accountable for the wanton destruction of America as we know it.

NOPE 2012















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