An Interesting Perspective

23 Jul

Just received an email that I wanted to share.  I get a lot of these but something about this guy’s message resonated.  It came from  If you like it, I suggest you email Mr. Adams and sign up for his newsletter.

Dear Friends,


Over the past few days we have all seen reports of the numerous tragic events that have unfolded, both here at home as well as around the globe. Continued violence erupting in Syria. The bus attack against innocent Israeli tourists (many of them young teens) in Bulgaria. The horrific shooting in Colorado… While no tragedy should ever be politicized, they also can not be ignored.


We must use these increasingly heinous acts to genuinely reflect, to steel our resolve, and to induce ourselves to action.


We are a nation of individuals. As individuals we have both rights and responsibilites. Many choose to focus on the former yet defer to others on the latter. That is not the patriots’ way.


It is time to get off the sidelines. It is time to get involved. Whatever you can do. Whatever action you can take. Whoever in the right you can support, and by whatever means you are capable. You owe it to your country. You owe it to your family. And most importantly, you owe it to yourself.


Just my too sense.


– Sam


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