Judgement Day 2012…….

2 Oct

Recently on the weekend news shows, following the murder of four Great Americans in Libya, including our ambassador, Susan Rice blamed a rarely seen, ridiculously amateur video for the mob violence in the Middle East. This ambiguous video has finally been admitted as a scapegoat, and she knew it at the time. Rice then claimed that the FBI was launching a “FULL INVESTIGATION, which would get to the bottom of this and was ongoing.” To date, there is NO SUCH INVESTIGATION and it took CNN reporters and cameramen to find Ambassador Stevens’ diary, lying in the blood and rubble at the consulate, or safe house, or whatever the unprotected structure is called. There was no rapid response team, no perimeter security, nothing. Why? Should be the drumbeat……instead, a cover up is happening in plain view.


Where is the media outrage? Where are the American people demanding answers from Obama and his cohorts in crime? Obama stood in front of the UN, and a large Muslim delegation STILL BLAMING the movie and apologizing for America’s First Amendment and our Constitutional rights of free speech. Yesterday, the author of that movie, a US citizen, has been arrested on trumped up charges and sits in a jail cell, without bail, at this very hour. Slate.com has already authored a piece calling for curbs on free speech. Hillary Clinton and Obama have already showed signs of agreeing to a One World, 1984 type law banning the slander if Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. Think that’s crazy? Look it up. Look to Canada and Europe, where the clergy cannot speak against Gay marriage, Islam, or other “hate speech” and can be fined or jailed. Look to the Islamic States where you will be killed in the most brutal of manners for what we cherish as Free Speech. Look around you now, how the Left and the radical Gay Lobby has subdued the nation in fear, just ask Susan G. Komen Foundation or Chick Fil-a.


Is this the America you want? Is this the HOPE & CHANGE you may have asked for? Elections have consequences people, and this election will be the most important in our lifetime, and it will determine the fate and future of your children. Do you want to take that chance knowing the stakes, and with the irrefutable and growing mountain of evidence showing Obama’s true intentions for our nation? It is game over for America as we know it if this radical regime of activists, Socialists, and Progressives are allowed to operate unfettered for four more “transformational” years, with no fear of reelection or retribution, and with firm control over the apparatus of governmental power. Obama has brazenly showed that he can act on his own, without consent of the people through its elected Congress and to simply rule by executive order and to hire Czars to regulate us into submission with impunity.


An Obama victory could also usher in total control of the Supreme Court, which has already shown its malleability and a willingness to legislate from the bench, driven by ideology, rather than by their constitutional duties of which they swore obedience under oath, before God, and under the penalties of law. Unfortunately, to a Godless man the solemn act of swearing on a Bible while under oath is as meaningless as Obama’s inauguration ceremony was on January 20, 2009. He has not upheld that sacred oath, to an impeachable level for that matter. Imagine a completely Ultra Liberal Supreme Court, who will site other countries’ laws as a basis for their rulings, or who may allow Sharia Law to trump our Constitution? How about our immigration laws? Freedom of speech? The ramifications are frightening to say the least.


This administration continues to violate the laws of this nation, the tenants of our Constitution, and to continually infringe on our rights as sovereign citizens, and as religious institutions to be able to live by their consciences and beliefs. The one exception, of course, is being from the Muslim faith, which seems to get a pass on everything from Obamacare to exceptions for Sharia Law. Even the Atheist and Agnostic cannot honestly say that a peaceful and religious people are a danger to humanity and the designs of God and governance are a danger when merely used as a basis for Man’s behavior in a civilized society, or that the Ten Commandments for instance, are a detriment to freedom and creation of a prosperous civilization. The same cannot be said for Islam, as we have so painfully learned.

We are as far from some Holy Rollers as you can get, my family and I attends Sunday church whenever we can, and we try and give our children a foundation for a healthy moral compass in a world full of garbage TV and music, crooked politicians, violence & theft, and institutions of learning devoid of any scruples and outright hostility towards any biblical influence whatsoever. It does not take a Theologian to know that it better to live following a healthy moral compass, than by none at all, or the “anything goes” attitude so prevalent in today’s society.



I beg of you America, please trust in our Founders, please trust in our Constitution, and please trust in the laws of which were so carefully laid for us. But most of all please trust in God and the morals for which He stands, for the root of all evil lies in the Lefts’ orchestrated and systematic breakdown of family, morality, and the removal of God’s principles, of which our government was founded.


That wise Men have in all Ages thought Government necessary for the Good of Mankind; and, that wise Governments have always thought Religion necessary for the well ordering and well-being of Society, and accordingly have been ever careful to encourage and protect the Ministers of it, paying them the highest publick Honours, that their Doctrines might thereby meet with the greater Respect among the common People.

Benjamin Franklin, c.1730

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