Al Gore is an IDIOT!

4 Oct

The Democrats, namely the genius himself, Albert Gore, today blamed the high altitude for his dismal performance and lamented that that Romney had all week in Denver to adjust…..pretty sad display if you ask me, what a crock! Do you expect any less? The real funny part was hearing the media shills agreeing and nodding…..”Interesting, hmmmmm, very interesting, yes that could be it” PATHETIC!!!! How do the NFL teams fly in on game day, or the day before and win then…..scary to think Gore was a heartbeat away from the presidency….need I say Joe Biden? EEEEEGHAAADS, a scary thought indeed!

Romney creamed Obama, I loved every minute of it….his excellency isn’t used to be challenged on the issues or have his TOTUS absent from the podium….I’d love to be in that limo on the ride home from the University….I can also bet Michelle didn’t give out any lovin’ that night for their anniversary!!

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